Ice Elements - Shelly Maguire

Shelly Maguire has simply dominated the Beauty and Skincare Industry for two decades with her expertise and formulations! Shelly’s career as a regular presenter on Home Shopping Network (HSN) Live TV for years, Live TV Worldwide reaching every corner of the planet, Infomercials with top celebrities, as well as her accomplishments as a radio show host and published author, has led to her recognition as a skin care industry leader. Shelly has developed and brought to market over 150 anti-aging skin care products since 2001, some in which you may already be using in your daily regime. 

She has created products for many top companies and is currently formulating, and consulting, for several top celebrity beauty brands in the social media arena! Shelly is always in high demand for her formulation skills!

NOW Shelly is bringing you her top personal favorite two products, in what she calls the “Dynamic Duo” These are the two products that Shelly uses herself, everyday! You too can have the 2 Minute Miracle Gel and the 2 Minute Miracle Moisturizer as your day to day daily beauty!

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