Is aging optional? YES!

Introducing the youth forming Hydra-Lastin Complex™

Shelly Maguire, creator of the amazing and incredibly popular 2 Minute Miracle Gel™ has combined three powerful ingredients utilizing clinical amounts of Antarcticine®, Aloe Extract, and KBGA™ (Klamath Blue Green Algae). These three ingredients have been scientifically combined to produce our exclusive Hydra-Lastin Complex™ that creates the base of each product. When used daily you can sustain moisture and optimize collagen with Antarcticine®, feed your skin with the nutrients in Aloe Extract, and restore your skin with the beneficial amino acids found only in KBGA™. Together they form a youthful formula that is groundbreaking in the beauty industry!

A natural glycol-protein discovered in the glaciers of Antarctica is known for its ability to protects cells from moisture loss – even in harsh environments. These same properties now help the skin retain water and prevent dryness common with aging. Antarcticine® also aids in the increase of collagen and elastin, which improves firmness, decreases the signs of wrinkles, and creates overall healthier-looking skin.

Aloe Vera
Aloe is a self-sustaining plant with the ability to thrive in the most brutally hot and dry climates due to the natural minerals, enzymes, proteins and vitamins that are cell sustaining.   The Aloe Vera in Ice Elements is harvested and flash-frozen through a proprietary, patented process which ensures the beneficial ingredients are at their optimal level for absorption.  Aloe Vera aids in binding moisture, reducing the effects of inflammation, and helps to give the skin a soft, smooth texture.

KBGA™ (Klamath Blue Green Algae)
KBGA is naturally grown in an area that has been referred to as the most mineral rich place on the planet: Klamath Lake in Oregon. KBGA contains what is considered to be a perfect amino acid panel (all essential and non-essential amino acids). It naturally contains glutathione, minerals and vitamins that aid in softening and restoring your skin and help shield from the effects of environmental damage.